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Going Beyond

for Healthier Communities


Osler is ready to go beyond like never before to deliver safe, high quality care. Our new Strategic Plan will take us on a five-year journey that pushes the boundaries on innovative, bold, collaborative and sustainable change, altering the way patients access and engage the health system.


Our Strategic Directions

Everything we do and every decision we make over the next five years will be driven by a dedicated focus on quality excellence, organizational effectiveness, and health system leadership, which form the basis for our three strategic directions. This plan is our blueprint for the future – one that promises to create a sustainable future for health care at Osler and in our communities.


Quality Excellence

Commit to delivering safe, compassionate, high-quality care every time. 


Organizational Effectiveness

Optimize value through efficient and effective use of resources to deliver health care our communities can rely on.


Health System Leadership

Create the environmental conditions that change the way our patients and community access and engage with their health care.


People & Culture

Cultivate an organizational culture that inspires the people of Osler to be their best and do their best.

Strategic Enablers

The following strategic enablers will be instrumental in helping us to achieve our strategic directions and realize our Brand Promise to go beyond for healthier communities:


Financial Health

Ensure sustainable financial health to meet community needs well into the future.


Infrastructure & 

Invest in physical assets and technology that will transform access to 

high-quality care.


Innovation & 


Build innovation capacity that is patient-inspired, collaborative, and advances system transformation.


What Success Looks Like

We are championing a new tomorrow for health care, one that Osler is well positioned to lead with the help and support of our staff, physicians, volunteers, our patients and families, our partners, our donors and our community. By fulfilling the directions outlined in our plan, in five years:

More people are living healthier lives because they have the tools, education and resources to confidently manage their chronic diseases at home, minimizing unnecessary hospital admissions and visits to the Emergency Department;

Patients have greater access to the services they need, when they need them, due to a better coordinated health system and optimal use of virtual technologies;

Staff, physicians and volunteers feel a strong connection to Osler, enjoy working in a safe environment, and are inspired to learn, innovate and grow;

Osler services reflect the needs of patients and families who have taken an active role in helping to plan and shape those services; and

The foundation has been set for sustainable, accessible health care for generations to come.

New Tomorrow
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