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About Osler and our Communities


At Osler, we understand what it means to go beyond to meet the health care needs of our communities.

Serving 1.3 million people in one of the fastest-growing and most culturally-diverse regions in Ontario, we excel in treating complex health conditions close to home while also supporting a growing focus on health and wellness.


Delivering services across three hospital sites in Brampton and Etobicoke, our emergency departments are among the busiest in Canada, and our labour and delivery program is one of the largest in Ontario. Thanks to advances in technology, two thirds of surgeries at Osler are now done on an outpatient basis, allowing us to deliver care more effectively and efficiently.

Thirty-six per cent of adults in our region live with a chronic condition. Of those, 14 per cent have multiple chronic conditions. The region’s multi-cultural and multi-generational population is vulnerable to the earlier onset and acceleration of chronic diseases. This calls for a shift in how we meet the needs of a growing, diverse and aging community. 

We are committed to ensuring Osler's programs and services reflect the voices of patients and families who are valued members at our planning tables. We also work closely with health system partners to support a better patient experience and positively impact the health of our communities.


Guiding Our Future


Patient-inspired health care without boundaries

Patient-inspired health care means placing the patient at the heart of everything we do. It means empowering and supporting patients to actively engage in their own health care journey; including patients and families in co-designing care delivery to enhance their respective experience and outcomes; and inviting patients and communities to Osler planning tables to inform our strategies and policies.


Without boundaries means changing our relationships with the people in our communities who are past, current and potential Osler patients. Collectively we want to change the way our patients and communities access and engage with Osler both within and beyond our walls to reduce the demand on our emergency departments, increase patient satisfaction and build healthier communities.


Innovative health care delivered with compassion

We inspire innovation, both large and small, that enhances the way Osler delivers care and services. We do this by not only analysing data and reports, but by asking our teams, and most importantly our patients, if there is a better, safer, more intuitive or compassionate way to do things. We cultivate, engage and support a team of problem solvers who ensure we collectively deliver innovative compassionate care. 


Going beyond

Our staff, physicians and volunteers will continue to go beyond to deliver outstanding quality care that reflects the needs and preferences of patients and families, and leads to healthier communities. 


Osler will continue to go beyond to cultivate a culture of trust, mutual respect and empowerment that inspires our people to challenge the status quo with new thinking and new approaches. We will recognize and reward staff, physicians and volunteers for using their ingenuity to enhance the patient experience, and to support a sustainable health system for our growing communities.


Respect, Excellence, Innovation, Service, Compassion and Collaboration


Going beyond. For the past five years, these two words have changed the way we think about and deliver care at William Osler Health System. They have inspired us to be courageous in our thinking, to explore new and more efficient ways to manage our resources, and to foster meaningful relationships with health system partners. They have moved us to engage in more meaningful dialogue with patients and families, and to evolve the way we think about and shape the patient experience.

But times are changing. The population in our communities is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, people are aging, and we’re seeing an increase in patients with chronic conditions and complex illnesses. Not only is this resulting in increased pressure on health care services, it’s also compelling us to rethink and evolve the way we use precious public resources to continue delivering safe high quality care. People’s expectations of hospitals are also changing. Technological advancements that have led to conveniences in other parts of their lives means people are now expecting more control over their health care, shorter wait times, quicker access to the services they need, and shorter hospital stays.

Patients want to be meaningfully involved in designing the services they receive and be a strong voice in informing their health care decisions. They want to experience smoother transitions as they move across the system between health service providers. Working closely with system partners, Osler is committed to improving access to services and creating a more coordinated health care network to better serve the needs of our communities. 

Building on the momentum of our past accomplishments, our 2019-24 Strategic Plan, Going Beyond for Healthier Communities, reflects our commitment to enhancing quality excellence in patient care, and optimizing value through efficient and effective processes, emerging technologies and great people. While our people focus on making the lives of our patients better, Osler will focus on creating a work environment where they feel valued, supported, and acknowledged, and where meaningful learning opportunities continually inspire them to excel. 

Using the plan as our guide, we will focus on developing innovative approaches and models of care that advance patient knowledge, experience and engagement, and ensure outstanding sustainable care. 

It’s through the hard work and dedication of our exceptional staff, physicians and volunteers that we will accomplish our five‑year goals and deliver on our promise to go beyond. 

We’re ready to go beyond like never before. Join us.

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