Strategic Enablers

The following strategic enablers are essential supports that will help us to achieve our strategic directions over the next five years, and realize our promise to go beyond for healthier communities.



Cultivate an organizational culture that inspires the people of Osler to be their best and do their best.


Create diverse, resilient and empathetic teams. Inspire teams to collaborate in an inter-disciplinary manner on opportunities for improvement, readily adapt to changing circumstances and respond to the needs of patients using equitable and inclusive approaches.

Foster a sense of purpose, trust and connection to the work people do at Osler. Advance a shared commitment to living our Mission, Innovative health care delivered with compassion, every day, by creating a culture of open communication, creativity and collaboration that further positions Osler as an employer of choice. 


Support the development of our people. Provide our people with the learning opportunities and tools they need to be at their best, and recognize and celebrate their contributions.

Create a safe and healthy workplace environment. Encourage constructive dialogue, provide physically and psychologically safe workspaces within a no‑blame culture and model healthy behaviours at all levels of the organization.



Ensure sustainable financial health to meet community needs well into the future.


Reinvest in Osler’s priorities through productive and efficient service delivery that optimizes revenues and savings.

Invest in capital and technology for improved care delivery by working together with the Osler Foundation to build partnerships and identify new capital financing strategies. 

Advocate for a sustainable and effective health system that generates better value to patients in a timely and cost-effective manner through innovative and sustainable models of care and equitable and adequate resources.



Invest in physical assets and technology that will transform access to high-quality care.


Improve the flow of information between patients and their care teams, enhance quality of care, and improve operational sustainability by prioritizing technologies and partnerships across Osler’s three hospitals.

As innovations in digital and real-time information sharing evolve, further enhance our highly-secure information systems to continue to protect sensitive patient and organizational data. 

As the population grows and demand for health care increases, continue to plan and develop physical infrastructure and capacity that is flexible, adaptable and sustainable well into the future.



Build innovation capacity that is patient-inspired, collaborative, and advances system transformation.


Build systems and processes that facilitate prototyping and scaling of strategic innovation to harness the ingenuity and creativity of Osler employees. 


Foster continuous learning by expanding skills and knowledge through observation, mentorship and inquiry. 


Focus on capturing patient insights to stimulate learning and drive innovation.

Leverage progressive partnerships to advance common goals and create effective and sustainable change within current resources.

Advance our clinical and applied research program to improve the quality of patient care and outcomes and to strengthen expertise in treating conditions commonly seen in our communities.